Bookkeeping. Compliance. Controls. Insight.

We are an experienced bookkeeping provider to the State of Texas Municipal Utility Districts. Some of our staff has over 30 years of bookkeeping experience and we have developed practices and procedures to help any MUD group be efficient, accurate, and up to date. We operate with a best practices approach specific to bookkeeping support for Districts.

Our History

Our MUD group’s history is deep. It was created when McLennan & Associates, run by Shirley McLennan, merged into ABIP. McLennan 100% specialized in bookkeeping for Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs). By aligning with ABIP, they expanded their depth by having the resources of our entire firm to support them. We remain dedicated to providing the same exceptional service that our MUD group was founded on.

We Can Support:

  • Municipal Utility Districts (MUD)
  • Leevee Improvement Districts (LID)
  • Water Control & Improvement Districts (WCID)
  • Public Utility Districts (PUD)
  • Emergency Service Districts (ESD)
  • Improvement Districts (ID)
  • Fresh Water Supply Districts (FWSD)
  • Cities
  • Management Districts

A Turn-Key Bookkeeping Solution

We help MUD groups get the information they need and address compliance requirements. ABIP provides a reasonable cost without sacrificing quality, while working to minimize risk.

There are two key elements to our support:

  • MUD and LID Experience. The key to successfully outsourcing is to utilize professionals who understand the business of MUD and LID bookkeeping. The number of districts we serve and our longevity with those districts stands as testament to the quality of our work. This is underscored by our strong positive reputation with district auditors.
  • Personalized Attention. We provide personal and professional attention. Our high standards, along with our experienced staff, create an advantage for our clients.

Do You Need to Consider a New Provider?

Let us come in at no-cost to assess your district’s needs. Give us an hour to review your situation and let us explain how we support other districts. Then, you can call a few of our clients to see how they feel about working with ABIP.