What Metrics Drive Your Organization?

Every organization has drivers that make the greatest impact on their performance. Some drivers are operational; i.e. number of  inventory turns, how long is a receivable open, what is the revenue per head by employee, etc. Other drivers exist. Tax drivers are another example. A tax driver could be research and development credits, hiring incentives, incentives to purchase equipment, etc.

Driver Identification

We identify items that make the greatest impact in an organization. Typically, we start by:

  • Understanding what 3 to 5 items are the most important
  • Discovering which, of those 3 to 5 items is the most important
  • Discussing the obstacles that are blocking progress towards the 3 to 5 items

These become your Critical Success Factors (CSFs). Then, we develop the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that demonstrate the progress or movement on the CSFs. We design our solutions around this to keep our clients focused.

Analysis & Objective Insight

As a leader, you should not be expected to have to work to interpret your results. Our professionals will create reporting and provide analysis for you to clearly explain the leading indicators going on inside your organization. We will help you identify trends and help you focus on the activities that can have the greatest impact.

Let Us Help

We can help you track what is most important to your success. ABIP helps clients get to the next level and delivers objective advice.