Identify. Refocus. Resolve. Transform.

Change is part of growth and should be embraced. Without change, people and companies become stagnant, which creates pain. Organizations, technology, the economy, and business needs change constantly. At one point every organization needs to adapt to those changes to survive and prosper. ABIP has specialists who can help organizations adapt and plan for their future.

Our Advisory Services

We help our client by:

  • Bringing new ideas and best practices that benefit other companies.
  • Identifying value drivers and tracking key performance indicators.
  • Streamlining and automating processes and re-engineering operations.
  • Examining systems for exposure and testing internal controls.
  • Applying specialty tax credits to defer or minimize tax liability.
  • Examining opportunities to lower the cost of commodity expenses; credit card processing fees, freight, benefit programs, and telecommunications.

In Addition, We Provide:

  • Business Valuation
  • Forensics
  • Quality of Earnings Reports
  • Due Diligence on Mergers or Acquisitions
  • Exit and Succession Planning
  • Unique Projects

Start with a No-Cost Discussion

Let us talk through your ideas and provide practical feedback on how to proceed.