Who Uses Our Services?

Our services are customized to each client’s needs. The common thread with every client is to build value while keeping them complaint with regulatory requirements. We deliver practical strategies supported by technical depth.

Our clients include:

  • Family Run Businesses
  • Partnerships & Corporations
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Municipal Utility Districts
  • Government Agencies
  • Individuals

We have businesses and non-profit organizations ranging from a few million dollars in revenue to more than hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our Affiliated Firm

ABIP CPAs is our affiliated firm that provides assurance, tax strategies, and management consulting services. www.ABIPcpa.com

Customized Approach

Every client needs financial reporting to meet the requirements of their bank, regulatory agency, board of directors, or outside interest. ABIP provides services to meet those standards and takes on the role as an advisor providing your leadership with reporting and insight. Our focus is to help businesses grow and for government agencies and non-profit organizations tomaintain a sustainable entity to serve their mission or fulfill their fiduciary role to the government agency they support.

Working with Established Partners

We built our firm to work in collaboration with your existing trusted providers. Our role is to complement what they do and help maintain an efficient operation that also provides the information and regulatory compliance needs of your organization.

We will work in collaboration with your:

  • Bank. Addressing lending requirements are met.
  • Existing Auditor. Providing audit preparation or outsourcing of the accounting group.
  • Attorney. Collaborating on the legal compliance decisions and needs.
  • Wealth Manager. Advice on the tax impact of investment decisions.
  • Insurance Provider. Reviewing coverage options to minimize risk.