Proactive. Client Centric. Advisory Driven.

What We Do
ABIP Advisors concentrates on providing bookkeeping services to Municipal Utility Districts and complete or partial outsourcing of the accounting function for privately held businesses and non-profit organizations. We can provide oversight, independence from your auditor, take complete responsibility of the transactions and/or provide fractional CFO or Controllership services. ABIP provides experience and objective insight.
Who Engages Us?
Organizations having pain obtaining accurate information, experiencing significant delays in closing their books, have unreconciled accounts, have a lot of adjusting entries, and are feeling their performance should be stronger. Before clients engaged us, many experienced staff turnover, struggled to train staff, used out of date software and processes, or had staff retiring or who were unable to adapt to today’s information needs of the organization.

Potential Benefits

The core benefit is accurate financial information when you need it, which enables you to make informed decisions. We identify factors critical to your success and track key performance indicators to help leadership monitor performance. ABIP provides financial information to operate your organization at a fair cost.

  • Lower “direct” costs. Doing more with less people.
  • Reduced “other” costs. Minimized need for training, managing, firing, and hiring.
  • Process refinement. Elimination of no longer needed “legacy” reporting or processes.
  • Professional oversight. ABIP brings a team of professionals into your organization.
  • Industry updates. We continually train staff and attend industry events to stay current.

Conduct an Assessment

If your daily work life is rushed or you always seem to be in catch-up mode, consider conducting an assessment. At no-cost we will come on site and conduct our interview and operational assessment. An initial meeting takes approximately two hours, but that can vary based on the size of your organization and your specific needs.